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Welcome to the Brane wiki!

On this site, three books on Brane are available, each with their own target audience:

  • Brane: The User Guide is aimed at the end-users of the framework. If you are either a system engineer looking to connect your infrastructure to Brane, a software engineer who wants to develop packages for Brane, a policy maker who wants to add policies to Brane or a scientists who wants to write workflows for Brane, this book is for you.
  • Brane: A Specification is the book for those who are intending to develop the framework or who want to know how it works. It is written as a kind of generic overview that specifies the workings of the framework without diving too much into code.
  • Brane: Guide For Administrators is aimed at the administrators of the Brane framework, who are in charge of deploying it and managing it. This also contains instructions on how to compile the framework and which dependencies are needed.

You can click on any of the books here or in the sidebar (to the left) to go to the book of your choosing.